how to be a good yoga instructor?

does anyone have any advice on how to learn to teach yoga easily?Does anyone have any information on spa Santa Cruz California ?how do i become a yoga instructors in south americaAre there schools that complete the meditation training? ThanksHow do I become a certified AHA instructor? How do I get affordable pricing?What are the … Read more

how to open yoga studio?

If you are opening a yoga studio for the first time, it is absolutely essential for you to ask yourself:• Why did I decide to open this business anyway? Is there a real need for this service in my town?• Do I have enough space? What are the essential elements that I need in order … Read more

how to start a career in yoga?

start with a free practice and if i like, then upgrade. people don’t like to pay $35 just to experiment (that is 1/3 of the price of a commercial yoga video series) it should come with a trial but it can’t because…’s free.what kind of app has to be paid for before you can take … Read more

can you start yoga at 60?

Many questions exist about yoga and seniors, but the answer most often is yes, a person in the 60s can begin practicing yoga. In fact, Karpeles has seen older senior students test their limitations-and exceed them. The physical limitations of a senior may prompt some teachers or assistants to treat them with caution, but such … Read more

why is yoga evil?

I’m really surprised by a lot of the comments on this! Yoga is a form of exercise that intimidates and covers itself in the sacredness of it all. Many people truly believe that yoga may be “evil” because it endangers their eternal life and worship somehow. You see, yoga is based in eastern religion. Which … Read more

do i need a yoga strap?

Everyone can benefit from using yoga straps, but they’re especially good for professional dancers and athletes. They let you grab the bar in new ways and enhance balance, flexibility and precision. The traction provided by a yoga strap can also make your back bend safer because it will keep you from arching as much. If … Read more

can yoga cause migraines?

Migraines are usually characterized with intense headache, nausea, vomiting and also photophobia and phonophobia.In addition to continued migraines and non-auricular pain, the person suffering from migraine develops ocular pain in many cases and this makes it hard for them to watch TV or read. The rare migraine can also be associated with neurological phenomena, especially … Read more